FootGolf launch at Riverside Golf Club

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Riverside Golf Club will open Tasmania’s first-ever FootGolf course on Sunday. With nine holes ranging from a 58m par 3 to a monster 214m par 5, the course demands long and short-range prowess from players. Sand and water traps pose a problem on several holes, as discovered during the week when several balls had to be fished out from behind the seventh green. Get a first look at the course in the video below. Much like the aim of the game, FootGolf has seen a hole in the landscape and filled it. Combining the joys of golf and soccer while removing the barriers of needing a four-hour bracket and shinpads, the sport sees players take to a golf course to kick a soccer ball into a specially-sized hole in as few shots as possible. This weekend Riverside Golf Club is set to become the 31st club in Australia – and the first in Tasmania – to offer the sport as it launches its brand new course. The club will open a selection of its nine holes to the public between 11am and 5pm on Sunday as part of a ‘come and try’ day. “We’ve got all the holes in place and it’s been a really big team effort,” Riverside’s marketing committee chairman Peter Cooper said. “The holes are 52cm in diameter and they’re placed within five of our fairways so they’re nowhere near the greens. “That way we can get two holes on four of our fairways and one on one of our fairways to make up nine holes – it only uses about 1.3km of distance. “The holes have a manhole cover with false grass over them when not in use and at the moment it’s difficult to tell walking around where it is, so it shouldn’t affect golfers which is one of our prime considerations. “We’ve got a great golf course and we want it to stay that way, but we also want to have a great FootGolf course so the covers work very well.” The nine holes have been embedded into golf holes 1, 2, 6, 7 and 9 and take about 45 minutes to complete. Cooper said a practice run earlier this week proved that the game was indeed lots of fun, if not harder than one might think. Riverside general manager Frank Tedeschi said both Cooper and the West Tamar Council had been key to putting the project into action. “[Peter] is the one that brought up that FootGolf would definitely be a sport which would appeal to a younger clientele and people that are time-poor,” Tedeschi said. “That’s probably what is against us with game of golf – it does take four hours-plus with coming in early and going to the 19th hole. “First up we’re aiming for groups and birthday parties and corporate days, but we’re going to earmark Tuesday and Thursday afternoons and Sundays for our days for people to ring in and book.” A nine-hole round will costs $12 an adult and $8 for under-16s, which includes ball hire and a scorecard. Games can be booked via the club’s pro shop on 63274043, with online bookings to be made available in the near future.

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